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RiverClan is one of the four warrior Clans. They are clever and strong, and live in a hilly territory with a few trees and rivers running through it. They hunt fish, although if they are hungry enough they will eat water voles, water shrews, shrews, and mice. If they are starving they will also eat birds, but birds are not on there list of prey because it is unknown what types they eat. They hunt by sitting by the bank, making sure their shadow doesn't fall over the water, then scooping the fish out of the water and finishing them off while they wriggle around. They have seven unique water battle tactics: the Double-Front-Paw Slap-Down, the Underwater Leg Sweep, the Push-Down And Release, the Underwater Clinch, the Tail Splash, the Underwater Push-Off, and the Rushpaw Splash. RiverClan is the home of famous cats like Crookedstar, Leopardstar, Mistystar, Silverstream, Hawkfrost, Feathertail, Oakheart, and Graypool. It was founded by Riverstar.

Water Battle TacticsEdit

Double-Front-Paw Slap-DownEdit

Splash water into an opponent's face with both front paws.

Underwater Leg SweepEdit

This can be done with front or hind legs. You sweep an opponent's legs out from under them by going underwater.

Push-Down And ReleaseEdit

Push an opponent down into the water, then release when you think they will run away or when they surrender

Underwater ClinchEdit

Push an opponent down into the water, then release, then repeat until they surrender or struggle away to safety.

Tail SplashEdit

Flick water in an opponent's eyes with your tail.

Underwater Push-OffEdit

Crouch and erupt out of the water at an opponent.

Rushpaw SplashEdit

Splash water at a distance as a decoy during a surprise attack.

RiverClan PreyEdit

This is a list of RiverClan's prey and its characteristics.


Slippery, scale-covered animals that live in water. They are the main prey of RiverClan, and usually the only thing on the fresh-kill pile.

Water VolesEdit

Small gray mouse-like animals that live near water. They are only caught and found on the fresh-kill pile if something has happened to the fish and RiverClan is starving.


Small gray and/or brown small mouse-like animals with long noses. Like water voles, they are only caught and found on the fresh-kill pile if RiverClan is starving.

Water ShrewsEdit

Animals similar to shrews, except they live near water. Like shrews, RiverClan only catches them if for some reason they are starving.


Small brown rodents. Like water voles, shrews, and water shrews, they are only caught if something has happened to the fish.



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Joining RiverClanEdit

To join RiverClan, please visit Happysmiles13's, the creator of Warriors Cats Roleplay Wiki's, page. You will find instructions there.